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TREE by Melina Sempill Watts

Tree is a novel about a tree written from a unique point of view: the chief narrator is a tree. Tree uses magical realism as a key to access the interrelated emotional realities of the many species that share one pristine valley in Topanga, California. Grass, birds, other trees and animals come to life on the pages, while one 19th century Mexican woman and one 20th century school boy, hearts opened by grief and loneliness, come to know one California live oak whose 229 years span the evolution of four human civilizations, Chumash, Spanish/Mexican, Yankee and new money Hollywood, which each leave their mark upon the landscape and upon Tree. The author's obsessive botanical, scientific and historical research give substance to a world that feels both as real as last weekend's dust on hiking boots and as mind altering as a fully fledged mystical experience. Take a journey into the heart of the woods where every plant shines.


Tree will change how you see nature.

TREE by Melina Sempill Watts

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  • "Tree" is the story of 229 years in the life of a California live oak from the point of view of ... the tree.

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